NVT wheat germinating in direct drilled hemp stubble


NVT involves the conduct of field trials of advanced fixed breeding lines, accepted for inclusion in NVT Trials, according to agreed protocols, to provide independent crop varietal evaluation data for growers. NVT Trials test Lines submitted by Breeders for independent benchmarking against other breeding lines and popular commercial varieties. When...
  • GRDC
  • Gina Kreeck, Audrey Gripper, Brett Davey
  • Inverleigh, Lake Bolac, Hamilton, Tasmania
  • Current
Alternative Legume Crops


The aim of the Alternative Legume Crops Project is to identify legume species suited to, but not currently grown across a variety of farming systems and environments in Victoria to expand the range of rotations available to Victorian grain growers. This may include crops sown within the traditional winter cropping...
  • GRDC & Ag Vic
  • Gina Kreeck, Audrey Gripper
  • Inverleigh
  • Current

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