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Feed Shortfalls over Summer

Despite some rain across South West Victoria in October 2023, the last four months have...
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Building Drought Resilience in Southern Victoria during Good Times

The PowerPoint presentation to the 32 farm business participants at Rokewood 28th June 2023
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Containment for Livestock References & Extension Resources

(verified 1 November 2022) Agricultural Victoria (2020a) Focus on stock containment areas. Available by ((Stock...
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How do I… remove excess mature reproductive pasture?

The issue: Dry reproductive tillers remaining at the autumn break reduce subsequent growth of perennial...
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Planning for Sustainable Farming – The Potter Farmland Plan Story

Planning for Sustainable Farming - The Potter Farmland Plan Story Whole farm planning Salinity Soil...

Regional Dung Beetle ID guides

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How to use fertiliser N successfully – Lee Menhennett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

This is the recording of the third session from the Premium Pasture Club webinar, 27th...
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Maximising legume N contribution in mixed pastures- Dr Belinda Hackney, NSW DPI

This is the recording of the second session from the Premium Pasture Club webinar, 27th...
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How to maximise the potential gains from N in perennial pasture systems? – Lisa Warn, Ag Consulting

This is the recording of the second session from the Premium Pasture Club webinar, 27th...
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Pasture Paramedic- Frequently Asked Questions

Yes but…. the green assessment is based on a percentage.  So if there are bare...
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Profitable Grazing Systems Training Packages

Following completion of the “Healthy Soils groups,” are you interested in further developing your skills...
Capeweed removal

How do I… use selective herbicides to safely remove common weeds from sown mixed pastures?

The issue: Weeds can invade sown clover/grass pastures, competing for moisture and nutrients over time....
How do I...determine why my sub-clover is underperforming

How do I… determine why my sub-clover is underperforming?

The issue: Many sub-clover pastures fail to perform for a range of reasons. In many...
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Weed fast facts

Weed fast facts is an information guide on 15 different common pasture weeds to support...

How do I… use hay and silage production to remove annual grasses?

The issue: Annual grasses with short seed viability compete with pastures, reducing productivity and quality....
Spray graze BLW

How do I… spray-graze to remove broadleaf weeds?

The issue: Annual broadleaf weeds, if present, reduce the value of sub-clover based pastures for...
Spray topping

How do I… spray-top to reduce annual weeds in pastures?

The issue: Growth from annual grasses can be considerable, especially during autumn and winter, but...
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How do I… winter clean to remove annual grass weeds?

The issue: When left uncontrolled, populations of annual grass weeds reduce the quality and productivity...
How do I ...know if herbicide application

How do I… know if herbicide application would improve my pasture?

The issue: Weeds can reduce pasture productivity, but controlling weeds with herbicide does not always...
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Tools for healthier soils

Producers are getting their hands dirty learning how to diagnose and manage soil and pasture...

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