• GRDC & MSF
  • 2019/20/21
  • South West Victoria
  • Current
Faba Bean Nodulation

Research Question

Pulses are estimated to fix about 120kg N/ha, or more than 220,000 tonnes N across Australia, worth about $220 million each year. However, not all pulses are well nodulated and fix N to their potential, especially on acidic soils. It was recently estimated (by the GRDC) that N fixation could be increased by 25%. Several past and present GRDC funded projects have been designed to help reach this target, and their outputs require further extension and communication.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?

This extension and communication investment will add value to previous and current GRDC projects (outlined in further detail below) and will work to improve N fixation of winter pulse crops and promote their wider adaptation and adoption. This three-year investment, starting in 2018, will work with local influence agents to promote best management inoculation and pulse management practices, and raise awareness and knowledge around pulse nodulation and N fixation, and the impact of soil acidity, especially subsoil acidity. The purpose of this investment is to assist growers and their advisors to effectively implement new knowledge, tools, technologies or practices into whole-of-farm systems to set new attainable yield benchmarks. It will also extend, build upon and extract additional value from historic R,D&E outcomes from HYC in Tasmania.

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