• GRDC & FAR Australia
  • 2019/20/21
  • South West Victoria & Tasmania
  • Current
HYC2 GD 253

Research Question

The purpose of this investment is to assist growers and their advisors to effectively implement new knowledge, tools, technologies or practices into whole-of-farm systems to set new attainable yield benchmarks. It will also extend, build upon and extract additional value from historic R,D&E outcomes from HYC in Tasmania.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
Each region will have:
• Centre of Excellence (1) (where small plot trials are conducted) linked to Innovation groups to target the modification of standard grower practices through applied local research, supported by advisors & extension staff.
• Five Focus Farm (2) paddock scale trials will be set up within the Innovation groups, with the five spread between the number of groups established. The Focus Farms will aim to provide paddock scale validation of the learnings from the small plot trials at Centres of Excellence.
• Growers will have an opportunity to submit Awards paddock nominations each year, where paddock and related data will be collected to form a report and provide an agronomic bench-marking opportunity.


  1.   2021 SA Crop Technology Centre Harvest Yield Results
  2. 2021 Harvest Yield Results Wheat Tasmania Crop Technology Centre
  3. Hyper Yielding Crops 2021 National Results
  4. Hyper Yielding Crops 2022 Annual Report

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