Sub soil amelioration extension program in Victoria’s medium and high rainfall zones

  • National Landcare Program, GRDC, Agriculture Victoria
  • 2024
  • 2
  • Streatham (SFS), Goroke (BCG)
  • Past
Sub Soil Demo Streatham 18-4-23

Research Question

To extend the information about sub soil amelioration research.

Research Information & Objectives

To show through demonstrations and field events the results of Sub soil amelioration in the medium and high rainfall zone.

To increase general knowledge and options on subsoil constraints, and what are the conditions (e.g. soil type, rainfall, depth) where amelioration with organic amendments are most likely to be profitable.

The demonstration started on Tuesday 18 April, 2023 over 35 people attended the demonstration site to see the subsoil amelioration machine in action and view the treatments. To view Simon Falkiner's Presentation at the Sub Soil Demonstration 18-4-23

A follow up session was held on Thursday 14 September, 2023 in the Streatham hall with 17 growers and agronomist's to discuss the progress of the project and the outcomes. To view Roger Armstrong's Presentation from 14-9-23.

The demonstration featured in the AgriFocus 2023 matrix program where over 300 people attended.

As an overview of the project and results please  view the Sub Soil Amelioration Fact Sheet with demonstration results*

*Please note this was a demonstration not a replicated trial, please view the results with caution

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