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Alternative Legume Crops

Research Question

The aim of the Alternative Legume Crops Project is to identify legume species suited to, but not currently grown across a variety of farming systems and environments in Victoria to expand the range of rotations available to Victorian grain growers. This may include crops sown within the traditional winter cropping window or opportunistically following early autumn, spring or summer rainfall events. Species currently under consideration include: soybean, mungbean, messina, cowpea, pigeon pea, adzuki bean, burgundy bean, Lathyrus, narbon bean and a range of common beans.

Research Information & Objectives

To be conducted in summer and winter and will focus on testing the growth of a range of legume crops; a maximum of thirty‐six species/cultivars during summer and eight species/cultivars during winter.

This trial will be undertaken across two times of sowing for the summer cycle; November and December and replicated.

In winter the trial will be undertaken for a single time of sowing during May and replicated twice.

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