Embracing Precision Agriculture

  • 2 years
  • Inverleigh
  • Past
W Read Earlston 2017-18

Research Question

Australian farmers are among the most inventive and forward thinking in the world.  Living and working as we do across a broad continent that covers a huge range of environments, with highly variable weather patterns and an unpredictable changing climate, it’s something we tend to take for granted. Precision agriculture (PA) is one way of harnessing the data that helps us manage, if not tame, this variability.  

Research Information & Objectives

Southern Farming Systems is involved in delivering two Hands on Precision Ag Workshops in Inverleigh, these workshops are to assist farmers and advisors on their PA journeys.

On behalf of SPAA, GRDC and BCG.

Resources Available:

  1. Embracing Precision Agriculture - This book provides a broadly useful compilation of ideas and case studies highlighting innovative approaches and practical strategies for enhancing the PA adoption journey.

Case Studies

  1. Pushing sustainable high production on better performing areas  Junee NSW
  2. Using precision agriculture to tackle challenges, Cockaleechie SA
  3. Precision ag delivers the 'one and five-percenter' needed for sustainable farming, Kumbia QLD
  4. Soil data improves return on investment, Inverleigh VIC
  5. Pioneers aim to make every last drop count, East Yuna, WA

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