• Australian Governments NLP2 & GRDC
  • 2019/20/21
  • 7
  • South West Victoria, Gippsland & Tasmania
  • Current
Cover Crop walk

Research Question

A project is currently underway, focusing on ‘Mixed Cover Crops for Sustainable Farming’, with funding through the National Landcare Program Phase 2 (NLP2). Ag Excellence Alliance is leading the work and Southern Farming Systems have been subcontracted to undertake the work in south-west Victoria, Gippsland and Tasmania.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
• Investigate and trial the suitability of multi species cover crops in different environments across south eastern Australia.
• Measure the impacts cover cropping can have on soil health, stratification and nutrient cycling, organic carbon and fractions and soil moisture.
• Quantify economic benefits to the following cash crop.
• Trial different cover crop termination methods and timings, including non-chemical options such as grazing or slashing.
These objectives will be trialled at 20 replicated demonstration sites across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. Southern Farming Systems will host 3 of these sites, with locations in south-west Victoria, Gippsland and Tasmania.

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