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  • 2019/20/21
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  • Inverleigh
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Prec Planter

Research Question

This research project is about understanding the effects of crop establishment, density and spacings on growth and yield in canola and pulses in the southern and western regions. The aim of the project is to document the current levels of crop establishment in the western and southern regions, to identify any potential problems that may be reducing crop establishment and to investigate ways by which establishment can be improved where necessary.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?

One part of the project is to survey paddocks in the southern and western regions to measure variation in crop establishment in commercial crops, to understand the reasons for this variation and to assess whether or not this is having any influence on yield. The survey will involve measurements of crop establishment in the paddocks and a s series of questions about the seeding equipment used and the details of how the crop was sown, including sowing rate, the types and rates of fertilisers, the use of seed dressings and what chemicals have been used.

The project is also investigating crop establishment in a range of seeding equipment, including precision planters and will be conducting experiments on plant establishment and yield with some of this equipment. The results of the paddock survey will assist the project team in developing priorities for future field experiments. The trials will look at ways of optimising plant establishment, crop density and row spacing to maximise yields


Crop Establishment and Precision Planting Booklet

Crop Establishment and Precision Planting Video

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