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Research Question

Healthy soils are the foundation of a productive and profitable grazing system. The “Healthy Soils” project helps producers develop skills in diagnosis of soil constraints and selection of appropriate management options to build the soil condition they want.

Research Information & Objectives

What resources are available?

Visual indicators of soil condition 

Visual indicators of soil condition Online Booklet


Video 1. Visual indicators of soil condition Part I: In the paddock

Video 2. Visual indicators of soil condition Part II: Plants and pasture

Video 3. Visual indicators of soil condition Part III: Soil surface and clover roots


Healthy Soils Webinar Video – Session 1 Fertilisers

Healthy Soils Webinar Presentation Slides – Session 1: Nutrients/Alternative Fertilisers

Understanding Biological Farming Inputs Technical Report

Chicken Litter: Alternative fertiliser for pastures and ways to increase soil organic carbon Report

Fertiliser test strips

Test Strips help make better fertiliser decisions

Producer Case Studies

FAQ Nutrients/Fertilisers/Biological amendments

Premium Pasture Club webinar, 27th April 2022, Nitrogen use in pastures – Can we improve?

How to maximise the potential gains from N in perennial pasture systems? – Lisa Warn, Ag Consulting

Maximising legume N contribution in mixed pastures- Dr Belinda Hackney, NSW DPI

How to use fertiliser N successfully – Lee Menhennett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

Soil Acidity

Sharing Information Webinar – Session 2: Soil Acidity

Holbrook Landcare Network Healthy Soil Group Soil Acidity

Holbrook Landcare Network Healthy Soil Group- Accurate soil sampling to 20 cm in 5 cm intervals video

Tackling Acid Soils - findings to date video

Soil Acidity – Producer Case Studies

FAQ Soil Acidity

Soil Organic Carbon

Building Soil Organic Carbon – the role of your management Webinar with Susan Orgill

Soil Carbon Webinar with Cam Nicholson

Soil Organic Carbon Workshop with Lisa Miller

FAQ Soil Carbon

Soil Biology

Soil Biology & Testing webinar with Dr Helen Hayden


Waterlogging Webinar 2020

Soil Structure and Soil Protection

Groundcover factsheet - Tablelands Farming Systems and Coolac Farming Group

Soil Structure and Soil Protection – Producer Case Studies


Sodic Soils Webinar with Cam Nicholson

Sodic Soils Webinar Presentation Slides

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