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How to use fertiliser N successfully – Lee Menhennett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

This is the recording of the third session from the Premium Pasture Club webinar, 27th April 2022, Nitrogen use in pastures – Can we improve?

  • At what price is there a place for bagged N in pastures (beef/cattle)?
  • If additional nitrogen is being supplied as fertiliser – what application rates should be used, how many applications per year, when should these applications occur (timing, growing conditions) and which pastures should be targeted?
  • Is there any role for using soil testing to monitor N levels in pastures and, if so, how do we make it accurate?
  • What are the environmental implications of increasing nitrogen levels in a perennial pasture system and how to minimise them? N losses, denitrification, leaching.

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Calculator Acknowledgement: Lee Menhenett, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers

For more information watch Lee explain in the webinar above.

Access Feed Cost Calculator for evaluating N Fertiliser Use

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