• This project is supported by the East Gippsland CMA through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program and the East Gippsland Landcare Networks.
  • 2019/20/21/22
  • Gippsland
  • Current
Top Soils Omission trial plots

Research Question

The objective of TopSoils is to improve the productive potential of agricultural land and protect the condition of our soil resource, principally by improving soil health and the persistence and quality of ground cover; ultimately improving the Soil Carbon resource. TopSoils is a multi-partner East Gippsland region project that targets extension activities through farmer driven focus groups and demonstration sites.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
Southern Farming Systems is assessing on farm nutrient constraints for pasture and/or crop production through a subtraction or omission fertiliser experiment. Each treatment area receives all the key nutrients being tested except one, to identify what is constraining productivity. Both macro and micro nutrients are being investigated.


Case Study - Applying Lime in East Gippsland's High Country - Read here...


  1. TopSoils Project
  2. TOPSOILS – Jo Trevaskis Regenerative Farming at Wairewa
  3. TOPSOILS – Vanessa Ingram-Daniel at Marlo Plains
  4. TOPSOILS – Peter Honey at Orbost
  5. TOPSOILS – Emily Richardson at Snowy River
  6. TOPSOILS – Lou & Rose Maher at Red Gum Plains, Perry Bridge
  7. TOPSOILS – Ken Stuart at Clifton Creek
  8. TOPSOILS – Jenny Trail at Woodglen
  9. TOPSOILS – Neil Stringer at Forge Creek
  10. TOPSOILS – Matt Jenkins at Johnsville
  11. TOPSOILS – Jen Smith at Tambo Crossing
  12. TOPSOILS – Rob Wilson at Tambo Crossing
  13. TOPSOILS – Craig Lloyd at Reedy Flat
  14. TOPSOILS – David Read at Bengworden
  15. TOPSOILS – Robyn Williams at Bengworden

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