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  • 2019/20/21
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  • South West Victoria, Gippsland & Tasmania
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dung beetles Hunting for Dung Beetles in Swifts Creek 3.12.2019 (1)

Research Question

To understand which dung beetle species are common or rarely encountered in different regions of Australia by monitoring 120 sites across Australia,  Meat & Livestock Australia is supporting a new project to enhance dung beetle benefits to farmers through funding from the Australian Government’s Rural Research & Development for Profit program. Charles Sturt University is leading the project and Southern Farming Systems have been subcontracted to undertake the research in south-west Victoria, Gippsland and Tasmania

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
• Monitoring dung beetle species and abundance from 27 monitoring sites that are replicated (4 replications per site) on a monthly basis over a 2 year period in Tasmania, Gippsland and South West Victoria.
• Monitor an 30 additional lower intensity monitoring sites engaging with local producers.
• Develop 2 research intensive experiments and complete data collection and monitoring in respect to dung incorporation rates and soil monitoring rates.
• Hold 12 farmer focused activities to raise awareness and spread knowledge about dung beetles

Resources Available:

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