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Research Question

This Corangamite CMA RLP project is supported through the Australian Governments National Landcare Program phase two. SFS will work with farmers, community groups and agriculture industry groups to enhance soil health on farms. This project will focus on supporting farmers to make informed decisions to enhance soil condition under changing climatic conditions and adopt soil carbon management practices.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
• PAYDIRT - Whole farm science based consideration of the soil tailored delivery of Meat & Livestock Australia's 'Profitable grazing systems' program with group workshops and one-on-one learning for grazing farmers
• Cover cropping and subsoil improvement Demonstration sites and field days focusing on using municipal green waste and cover cropping techniques to improve subsoils and increase soil carbon
• Regional Soil Testing - This will complete the third iteration of the Corangamite CMA's ‘100 soil tests’ program. 100 sites across a range of soil types were sampled in 2013 and 2018, with re sampling to take place in 2023 to detect changes and trends in soil properties across the region.


  1. Understanding your soil test, step by step
  2. Brown Book
  3. Corangamite CMA knowledge base Soil Health,


Corangamite & Glenelg Hopkins CMA Soil Testing – What is it telling us??

 Test them, to better use them!

Forms - Participants in the Improving Soils on Farm Project 2014-2023 can access a fillable CCMA Paddock History Form


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