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Soil Organic Carbon

MLA Hamilton Healthy Soils Group is exploring the topic Soil Carbon in 2021-2022 and trying to answer or gain an understanding around the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits of soil carbon? And what are the different water holding capacity under different soil carbon levels?
  2. Are we able to measure and monitor soil carbon?
  3. Understanding what you can achieve. What’s the potential for my rainfall, soil type and topography? What’s economical?
  4. What are the different carbon levels under different management?

The group has conducted Precision Agriculture Mapping and testing on 2 strategically picked paddocks that have had two different management strategies separated only by a road to try an answer “Can we influence soil carbon with management and can we measure a change?”  The case study test results was presented to the group 24 Nov 2021 and discussed.  The case study will be written up in the near future, workshop presentation slides are below.


Soil Carbon Workshop Presentation Slides by Lisa Miller, SFS, 24 NOV 21

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