Soil Moisture and Informed Decisions

  • This Project is supported by FRRR, through funding from the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund.
  • 6 months
  • Inverleigh, Streatham, Hamilton, Gippsland and Tasmania
  • Current

Research Question

The amount of stored soil moisture and soil temperature drives pasture and crop growth. An extensive soil moisture network operated across the southern high rainfall zone of Australia has been enhanced and expanded in a recent National Landcare Smart Farming Partnerships Project called "Building the resilience and profitability of cropping and grazing farmers in the high rainfall zone of Southern Australia". The networks provides better real time and paddock scale information. Farmers and advisors want to better utilise the moisture probe network when making critical farm management decisions. They would like to be able to confidently access and interpret the localised data and use it to make decisions.

Research Information & Objectives

This project will enable Southern Farming Systems to collaborate with industry specialists to produce and extend information from the soil moisture probe network and computer modelling incorporated into decision making tools developed through the National Landcare Program Smart Farms project.

A series of face to face and online events and accompanying materials will be distributed across the largest farming systems group in the high rainfall zone, with around six hundred members and partners in five branches across Victoria and Tasmania and provide a network to share ideas, experiences and inform farmers and agronomists how to better interpret the data from Soil Moisture Probes and better utilise the amount of stored soil moisture and soil temperature to enhance decision making and build drought resilience.


Soil Moisture Probe Modelling & Prediction Webinar Recording & Slides

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