Building Capacity to Manage Mental Health

  • This project is supported by Southern Farming Systems, through funding from the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund and Gorst Rural
  • Short Term-Pilot
  • South West Victoria
  • Current
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Research Question

The South West node is funding pilot projects to work through way's to build capacity in the community around mental health, as it is a recurring theme identified by farmers, merchandise business's, advisors and the financial sector. The impact of climate on our agricultural communities mental health is significant and if we can reduce the stigma, increase awareness of mental health in the community and provide access to  support networks this will build capacity in our communities to manage mental health.  

Research Information & Objectives

Pilot Program with Gorst Rural -  Extending a hand in the community

Two localised workshops High Tea with the ladies and Blokes Only BBQ were held with special guest speaker Mary O'Brein from "Are you Bogged Mate?

From these events they have also created localised community support resources that can be accessed from an information card or stubby holder.


For Local Community Support Contacts in the Lake Bolac, Beaufort & Skipton Regions, Click here...

Access the Support Card here...

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