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Soil Moisture Probe Modelling & Prediction Webinar Slides

Are you at the crossroads of Farm Decision Making?

Farm data assists farm decisions in a changing climate

Soil Moisture probes are one tool farmers can utilise in their decision-making toolbox.  SFS has access to a shared data network providing localised climate data from soil moisture probes and weather monitoring stations located at over 100 sites across the Southern HRZ.  Mixed with climate information making rainfall predictions from the BoM ACCESS three-month climate model that have been processed by the CSIRO into a daily feed.

The webinar discussed:

  • Accessing the Soil Moisture Probe network
  • Interpretation of the data and modelling
  • Farm decision making trigger points

Key Speakers: Cam Nicholson Nicon Rural – Cam will run through how to access, interpret and key farm decision considerations.  All using My Farm Dashboard and the Probe Trax Network.

The My Farm Dashboard brings together tools and data on key decision-making factors that affect farming systems that includes climate, commodities, and production in a single online portal.  Providing farmers with the ‘right information at the right time’, thus avoiding unnecessary information overload.

This project is supported by FRRR, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

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