Prepare For Drought – Plan It Out. Different Strategies to Tackle Dry Times

  • This project is supported by East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, East Gippsland Shire Council, Gippsland Agricultural Group and Southern Farming Systems.
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Research Question

Farming through drought years is hard and so is knowing what to do, when. During the most recent drought, our Gippsland farmers used strategies and gained experience they will put into place during the next dry. They have a plan for next time and you can too.

Research Information & Objectives

Droughts are difficult for farmers, rural suppliers and their friends and families. Everyone is impacted in some way, and we all want to help each other wherever we can. A partnership between our local farmers and groups, has seen the collection of stories of how different farmers used different drought strategies.  Our farmers have shared their lessons from feeding out to growing crops and burying feed, right through to de-stocking. Over the following few weeks we will showcase these stories to briefly describe what some people did differently to manage through.

While we know the strategies won’t suit everyone, as each farmer has different enterprises, soil types and equipment, there will be ideas to take on board to help better manage the next drought.

Individual Case Studies and Video Resources

  1. Destocking - Chris Nixon, dairy and beef cattle operation at Orbost, Cann River and Black Mountain
  2. Invest in fencing, feeding, fodder storage and irrigation infrastructure - Scott Langley, beef and wool operation at Rosedale, Glengarry
  3. Dave believes farmers can always be more prepared and having a solid plan for the next drought does not cost anything. – Dave Caldwell, beef and sheep operation at Red Gum Plains & Lindenow South
  4. Renovating pastures - short term pain brings long term gain - do this work to make the farm more productive and it pays back 10-fold – Trent Anderson, beef, sheep and cropping operation at Giffard.
  5. Capital that's tied up in fodder is a good investment - better than bank interest – Trevor Caithness, beef and fodder crops at Goon Nure.
  6. Investing in machinery to increase feed production in any year is worthwhile – Simon & Sonya Lawlor
  7. Investing in machinery and livestock feeders – Vanessa Ingram Daniel
  8. We learned it pays to keep condition on your cows – Commins Family

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