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  • South West Victoria
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DSC 5895 Blue Tag Highlander Ewe (4yr) with Triplet Glendemar (Merino) Lambs

Research Question

With eID in sheep now mandatory in Victoria, there are many benefits for producers to use the technologies on-farm to help assist in decision making and increasing productivity.

Research Information & Objectives

What is being done?
This MLA producer demonstration site (PDS) funded project led by SFS and partners with Birchip Cropping Group will demonstrate the benefits of using sheep eID technologies in mixed farming systems.
The runs for a total of five years from 2019 to 2023
Project Deliverables:
• Nine case studies from core producers who are testing out eID technologies on-farm
• 26 observing producers, who will provide practice changes and their experiences
• Establish and facilitate a Community of Practice discussion group with a minimum of 50 participants.

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