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Research Question

The Less Weeds Better Pasture package provides practical information to producers and advisors on the growth and management of common weeds in pasture. Weed control is one of the three levers of pasture manipulation that we can make.

Research Information & Objectives

What resources are available?
Pasture Paramedic online booklet to use for rapid weed assessment and identification
• Weed Fast Facts: Information on common pasture weeds to support management decisions (coming soon)
Factsheet: How do I ...know if herbicide application would improve my pasture?
Factsheet: How do I …winter clean to remove annual grass weeds?
Factsheet: How do I …spray-top to remove annual weeds in pastures?
Factsheet: How do I …spray-graze to remove broadleaf weeds?
Factsheet: How do I …use hay/silage production to remove annual grasses?
• Factsheet: How can I use selective herbicides to safely remove common weeds from sown mixed pastures? (coming soon)
Video: Spray-grazing- Turning weeds into feed


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