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Research Question

The how do I get more sub clover package will provide producers and advisors with a simple diagnostic approach to assess clover pastures, identify the leading reasons for possible sub clover decline and what management practices are available to address these limitations.

Research Information & Objectives

What resources are available?

Factsheets & Booklets

  1. Legume identification - In the Pasture Paramedic online booklet
  2. Factsheet: How do I ...determine why my sub-clover is underperforming?
  3. Factsheet: How do I ...optimise sub-clover based pastures?
  4. Factsheet: How do I ...maximise sub-clover establishment in existing pastures?
  5. Factsheet: How do I ...manage grazing to maximise sub-clover seed set?
  6. Factsheet: How do I ...manage soil health to grow good sub-clover?
  7. Factsheet: How do I ...replace outclassed or troublesome sub-clover cultivars?
  8. Factsheet: How do I ...identify sub-clover cultivars?

Case studies

Sub-clover pastures set up high spring performance

No summer holiday for sub-clover management

Gabbs gift for autumn sub-clover action  


  1. More Sub-clover video
  2. How do I identify sub-clover cultivars?

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