AgriFocus 2023

AGRIFOCUS 2023 – Farming in a changing climate

 AGRIFOCUS 2023 is Southern Farming Systems leading technical event for high rainfall zone farming systems.  This unique event provides access for farmers & agronomists to the latest research and expertise.

 AgriFocus is being held at the SFS Streatham trial site on the 18th October.  Keynote sessions will be themed around ‘farming in a changing climate’ which will explore farm carbon emissions and farm profitability under climate change.

The choose your own adventure matrix is filled with presentations in the field offering both proof of concept in trials, and key information from leading experts.

The trials featured on the day will include:

  • Soils – Soil ameliorants of lime & gypsum, Subsoil amelioration
  • Cereals – Varieties, Disease management and resistance ratings update, PGRs, Nutrition
  • Canola – Varieties, Disease management, Weed management, Plant densities
  • Faba Bean – Varieties, Disease management, Weed management
  • Vetch – Management for hay production
  • Crop Sequencing – exploring crop rotation, diversity, intensity, sequence, end use and more
  • Other presentations – Grain Storage & Slug & Snail Management -New innovations for enhanced management
  • Plus exhibits from our partners, including machinery from Premier Partner Swayn and McCabe Claas Harvest Centre.

“If you are farming in the high rainfall zone, this is a field day not to be missed!  To have access to research trials in your own backyard is priceless” said Michelle McClure, AgriFocus Coordinator.

AgriFocus is in its thirteenth year and Southern Farming Systems needs farmer support to keep the industry forging forward and pushing the boundaries for the HRZ. Look forward to seeing you there!

Online Registration and Tickets available here…

Discounts available for groups larger than 5 people, please contact Michelle for the Discount Code.

For more information please contact Michelle E:

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