Southern Farming Systems Annual 2021 Season Results Morning

8.45-1.00pm Willaura Hall, Willaura

Are you struggling with decisions around Nitrogen due to its’ high cost?

Join us on a decision making journey around Nitrogen use and application in a cropping farming system.

We will explore:

  • What you need to consider about the use of nitrogen in your system? What are the critical factors and trigger points around nitrogen input decisions?
  •  Market overview of commodities and nitrogen price outlook for 2022
  • Influence of nitrogen rates and timings in various varieties from the SFS management trials in Wheat and Canola
  • Faba Bean Agronomy 2021 and how to maximise Nitrogen Fixation
  • Interactive session using all the information presented. Cam Nicholson, will step through a decision matrix around Nitrogen Decisions and using the My Farm Dashboard—a tool that allows you to easily access up to date information on commodity prices, soil moisture, plant and crop growth, and climate predications.

Register Here: https://forms.office.com/r/tVbFcpwmMH
More Information Contact: Michelle McClure 0488 600 692 or mmclure@sfs.org.au

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