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Feed Shortfalls over Summer

Despite some rain across South West Victoria in October 2023, the last four months have been 40% to 60% below average. This has resulted in lower spring pasture growth, as annuals have run to head earlier and leaf growth on perennials has slowed. Later season rainfall will only boost growth if the perennials have not started flowering. This means the amount of pasture carried over into summer and autumn will be less than previous years.
Simple feed budgets can help guide how much earlier you may need to start feeding or what impact selling some stock now may have on feed available as we head towards the Autumn break.

Four pieces of information are required to do a dry season feed budget:

This will help determine how long the feed will last and provide an early warning of when additional feeding may be needed.

The simple feed budget calculator is available here…

Or read the feed budget fact sheet How long will the feed last?

Deciles Vic
Figure 1. Rainfall Deciles for Victoria for 4 months to Oct 31, 2023. Source: BOM

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