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Less Weeds More Feed, resources now available!

A couple of more weed resources have been added to our weed package to complete the MLA project called Less weeds more feed. 

 A fact sheet on the use of selective herbicides, called; How do I use selective herbicides to safely remove common weeds from sown mixed pastures?  

 It can currently be accessed from our web site at the project site;  LESS WEEDS, BETTER PASTURE – Southern Farming Systems ( 

 My biggest insight in writing this fact sheet was all the actions you can take to reduce damage to the desirable species and that you can expect to get some damage. Some actions you will know, but I think there may be a couple worth considering. For long term weed control its essential to ensure the sown pasture recovers as quickly as possible, to fill gaps and keep the weeds out.  

 Another feature of the fact sheet is herbicide guide tables where you can look up common weeds and find out what products are registered for use and how it will affect your desirable species.  

 To find out how producers go about controlling their weeds, check out the latest article with Josh Walter on managing weeds at Murnong Farming, Inverleigh. Josh talks about what weeds he is tackling and the five tactics he uses. Click here to access:  

 Five ways to manage annual weeds | Meat & Livestock Australia ( 

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