HYC biomass Cuts

Hyper Yielding Crop Award Paddock Assessments

As we near the end of the harvest season, majority of the trials have been harvested and are ready for testing. Alongside harvesting trials this summer, we have been involved in the Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) initiative and collecting data for its awards program and farm focus paddocks.

The program is aimed to assist grower and advisor decision making when using potential high yield cultivars of wheat and barley, which was a new crop added this year. It is also a good benchmark for growers to see what is achievable in their respective regions.

Throughout the summer we have been taking harvest maturity biomass cuts from the paddocks of growers who entered the HYC awards and focus paddock programs for assessments. There were 25 paddocks sampled for the wheat awards and 12 paddocks for the barley from growers located across the southwest of Victoria. Five cuts of two meters of crop row were taken from each awards paddock and will be weighed, number of heads counted, and grain tested.

The results from these assessments will be used to determine the highest yielding paddocks and eventual winners of the awards. They will also provide useful information for other growers to try and achieve the yields of others in their area.

Image: Harvest maturity biomass cut

Source: J Palmer, SFS

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