Video: Southern Farming Systems Sowing Operations 2016

Follow a day in the life of sowing trials at SFS this season.

Video: GCTV19: Different Seeders Different Yields

Paul Breust discusses the 2015 Seeder Demo Day, April 2016.

Video: Harvest Weed Seed Control for the high rainfall zone

SFS's Aaron Vague summarises the current Harvest Weed Seed Project.

Video: Pastures In Crop Sequencing for the high rainfall zone

SFS's Simon Faulkiner and Gorst Rural's Craig Drum discuss the Pastures in Crop Sequencing Project.

Video: GCTV19: Dual Purpose Wheat shows real promise for mixed farm enterprises in HRZ

Annieka Paridaen formerly of SFS discusses Dual Purpose Wheat.

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