What are the SFS Variety by Management trials up to this year?

Southern Farming System’s Variety by Management (SFS VxM) trials are back again this year asking the question on everyone’s lips at the moment, how do we maximize profit with nitrogen prices so high?

The trials are looking to investigate how nitrogen timing and rate affect crop development and how these yields effect gross margins. The nitrogen timings are split up into an early- and mid-weighting, with the early-weighting having a 75% / 25%, early season / late season split, and the opposite for the mid-weighting.

The nitrogen rates will also be varied by targeting high and conservative yield targets. These yield targets will vary dependent on crop type, soil constraints and seasonal development.

Nine trials make up the SFS VxM program this year. At Inverleigh we have winter wheat and barley trials, and Hamilton will be host to a winter wheat trial as well. Streatham, the host for this years AgriFocus in October, will host; a barley trial, both spring and winter wheat trials, and three canola trials looking at Clearfield, triazine, and roundup ready tolerances.

These trials are held with the collaboration of seed companies and SFS would like to thank AGF Seeds, AGT, BASF, InterGrain and SeedForce for their involvement this year.

Stay tuned throughout the year for updates and join us at AgriFocus in October to follow along with these trials.

Check out the Podcasts from Results Day on the SFS Variety x Management Trials:
1. Wheat Trials by Ashley Amourgis
2. Canola Trials by Grace Evans

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