Stripper vs Draper followed by Disc & Tyne Which system will handle the HRZ stubble?

After a late start due to wet conditions in 2022, the stubble project is finally underway with trials established at Willaura and Inverleigh.

Alternating plots harvested with striper and draper fronts will be compared to two different stubble treatments and two different sowing treatments (disc and tyne) to ascertain any effects on the following crop.

The stripper front finally made it way to harvest and all those present on the day were impressed with the efficiency of the stripper front in harvesting the wheat, however the exact effect of the higher stubble load remains to be seen. The trials are fully replicated so assessment data can be analysed to quantify differences.

The project will explore grower interest in strip and disc systems and their viability in the high rainfall zone. Talks with growers and agronomists are ongoing to establish quality trials that are relevant to growers’ interests and current practices.

Over the next two seasons, trials will be looking at stubble management options when harvesting with stripper fronts and conventional fronts, and sowing with disc and tyne seeders, and their implications for the following season, including:

– Groundcover and stubble characteristics

– Crop establishment

– Pest and disease levels

– Herbicide chemistry options

– Soil moisture and nutrition

For more information or to have a say in the project, contact Audrey

Stripper vs drapper front 1600

Stripper Front in action at Willaura, photo from P McIntyre.

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