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Reflect, Retrospect, Reality Check!

The 2022 farming season was certainly a challenge with its’ highs and lows. The Southern Farming Systems(SFS) Annual Trials Results Morning on Wednesday 22 March at Willaura in SW Victoria, will reflect on the season, use retrospect and get a reality check to move forward into 2023.

The results morning will start with the 2023 Economic outlook focusing on cropping, livestock and inputs by SFS Signature Partner Rabobank, Stefan Vogel, General Manager RaboResearch Australia & New Zealand.  Stefan will provide insights into the 2023 commodity outlook, the opportunities and the challenges.

Continuing with the finance and business theme Jen Clark, SFS & SW Node Victorian Drought & Resilience Adoption Officer, will present information on SW Victoria farm business finances that have been run through climate modelling to provide insights into the effects of climate variability on SW Farm businesses.

The Southern Farming Systems Pasture and Fodder trials will reflect on the season of establishing pastures and fodder in the big wet and the issues encountered.  Lisa Miller & Jessie Wettenhall, SFS will also provide an update for these trials in 2023.

Hear from a local grower and his challenges of running a mixed farm system under the 2022 conditions and how he plans to move forward into 2023.

The 2022 SFS variety by management trials on Wheat, Barley and Canola pull apart Inputs vs Hyper-Yield vs Profitability.  Grace Evans and James Palmer SFS, will challenge is yield king? Or profitability?

Greta Duff, SFS will explore what did we learn from waterlogging trials from 2021 using nutrition strategies to revive and survive.

Finishing with South West Victoria Power Panel of Agronomists that are going to reflect on 2022 and revive for 2023 with SFS partners Dagro, Grost Rural, Premier Ag and Western Ag.

“A morning not to be missed if you are farming in SW Victoria, this Results morning gives us all the chance to analyse the data from not just trial sites but also our own farms with the benefit of that 20/20 hindsight and ask what we may have done differently if we had known earlier how the season was going to finish.  Southern Farming Systems role in this goes beyond just pushing up yields, our role is to challenge the total farm system and consider farm profitability from a variety of enterprises and take a long-term view of total farm returns and include soil health, human wellbeing and environmental outcomes to give us a sustainable farm business into the future” said Scott Chirnside, SFS Chairman.

More information or register to attend visit www.sfs.org.au

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