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Southern Farming Systems 2020 Research Results Morning

Southern Farming Systems (SFS) 2020 results morning will be discussing research from trials in South West Victoria to be held on Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 9.00am-1.00pm at the Lake Bolac Memorial Hall.  The morning will feature key research SFS has conducted in 2020 across the South West from Hamilton, Lake Bolac to Inverleigh regions.

The results morning will cover:

  • New tools for diagnosing why your sub-clover is under-performing
  • 2018-2020 HRZ pulse research highlights
  • How to use a moisture probe in the HRZ
  • Liming decisions- when and how much?
  • And the key messages learnt from the SFS management trials in Wheat, Barley and Canola.

“The morning will be a well-rounded program covering the key topics our mixed farming members require for the 2021 season” said Ms McClure, Event Coordinator.

The event is for SFS members with new members welcome to sign up on the day, which will give them greater access to all the publications/events and research SFS has been conducting in South West Victoria, Gippsland and Tasmania.

“Independent local research groups like SFS are key to improving sustainability of farming communities and providing information specific to their area, soil type and environment.  We encourage everyone in the area to come along, catch-up, listen and learn from the research that SFS conducts, guided by local farmer needs” said Mr Scott Chirnside, SFS CEO.

This is a registered COVID safe event for more information or to register contact Michelle McClure 0488 600 692 or register online at  https://bit.ly/3t9dg7u

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