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Lime Assist

This tool is designed to help advisors and farmers make decisions on liming to address soil acidification.
While it can’t make the decision for you, it gives you the critical information in an easy to use online platform to help you make decisions on lime investment.

All you need to do is input some basic paddock and farm location data into the clear boxes. Background calculations, underpinned by years of credible research, occur to provide you with information on:

  • How much lime to apply broadscale or as variable rates across paddocks.
  • Locate and compare costs and quality of lime from lime quarries.
  • Economic response of the lime application and the future expected benefits from amelioration of soil acidity reported as net present value, break even times and benefit cost ratio.
  • When you need to re-lime.

Support buttons provide you information to help you provide informed data selection choices.
You can save the paddock information or print out the results.

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