Spray topping

How do I… spray-top to reduce annual weeds in pastures?

The issue: Growth from annual grasses can be considerable, especially during autumn and winter, but is not without downsides, including impacted legume growth and production of sharp seed heads that can be detrimental to livestock. Spray-topping with herbicide is an effective tactic to reduce annual grasses, but its success is dependent on even seed head emergence and timing of application.

The impact: Spray-topping helps lower the annual grass seedbank, resulting in less seed available to germinate and compete with perennial grasses and sub-clovers. With the right follow-up management, spray-topping can support increased populations of desirable grasses and sub-clover.

The opportunity: Effective spray-topping can improve our perennial grass and sub-clover content, extend the productive life of a sown pasture and reduce seed injuries to stock.

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