Pac Seeds grazing 6 June 23

Winter Canola Performance

Growing winter ‘dual purpose’ canola presents a great opportunity for mixed farming growers to increase returns by grazing the crop before locking it up to take to grain harvest.

SFS partner Pacific Seeds have several trials, including one at the Inverleigh trial site, looking at variety, grazing and nitrogen management strategies for winter canola.

The key to building biomass for grazing is taking advantage of an early break and sowing early (ie before early-mid April) to give the crop a chance to increase dry matter before the temperature starts to cool down.

The trial at Inverleigh was sown on the 10th of March and was irrigated to ensure adequate moisture for germination.

The trial has three treatment factors:


Grazing sections of the trial will be compared to grain only, with all grazing treatments also going to grain yield. Grazes were simulated by mowing in early June to determine dry matter production, as well as nitrate analysis.


A comparison of different varieties for yield and economic performance in ‘grain only’ and ‘grain & graze’ sections of the trial.

Nitrogen management  

Several different nitrogen timing and quantity treatments across one variety in ‘grain only’ and ‘grain & graze’ sections. Nitrogen management differs if the crop is to be grazed to avoid potential nitrate poisoning of stock. Nitrate levels will be analysed in both leaf and stem of cuts for each variety and nitrogen treatment.

Want to know the results from this trial members & partners will get the full results report in the SFS Annual Trials Results Book,  Published March 2024.

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