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What sub-clover cultivar is that?

Developing basic skills in cultivar identification can help you narrow down what sub-clover cultivars are growing in your paddocks.

MLA products developed by SFS can help you with this. Our new video on identification of sub-clover cultivars is to be used in-conjunction with the factsheet – How do I identify sub-clover cultivars.

Both are accessible on the More sub-clover project page from our SFS website. MORE SUB CLOVER – Southern Farming Systems ( Or arrange to pick up a factsheet hard copy from our Inverleigh office by getting in touch.

We know that identification of individual sub-clover cultivars is difficult. But not being able to identify sub-clover cultivars means up to 30% of winter production can be forfeited if growing outdated varieties. Failure to identify oestrogenic sub-clovers can impact sheep production, causing health issues including permanent infertility.

We have made identification as easy as possible with a key to narrow down cultivars into six main groups. Oestrogenic clovers which belong to these groups are shown in red writing for easy recognition. If you land in a group with an oestrogenic clover, then there are plenty of further tables of characteristics and images to help you work out what the likely cultivar is.

If you are thinking, well this isn’t for me, I’m not sure how to tell sub-clover from balansa or arrow leaf clover, then we also have you covered.

On our persistence productive project page on SFS website contains another list of available pasture resources. PERSISTENT & PRODUCTIVE PASTURES – Southern Farming Systems (  A great resource for clover, grass and weed identification is the online Pasture Paramedic manual. In this go to the contents page and click on clover identification and it links you to pages that show you the distinguishing characteristics of each of the main sown clovers and other clover species. It’s designed to be viewed on your phone in the paddock.

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