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Storing items under powerlines doesn’t stack up

Arcing can happen without touching the powerlines – don’t store, load or unload items near overhead powerlines. Set up your delivery zone well away from powerlines in a safe and secure location.

Communication is key to keeping everyone safe

Talk with employees and contractors about how to work safely around powerlines, and what to do if they hit a powerline.

If you’re in a vehicle that hits or arcs a powerline, stay in the vehicle and call for help.

If you see someone hit a powerline, stay at least eight metres away and call 000.

Stop, look up and live
Watch top tips video on the WorkSafe website – https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/safety-alerts/overhead-powerlines-farms

More information
Get your FREE aluminium safety sign for overhead powerlines on farms – https://esv.vic.gov.au/merchandise/farm-safety-sign/
Check out Energy Safe Victoria’s Electrical safety on farms advice to help with your planning this season – https://esv.vic.gov.au/merchandise/electrical-safety-on-farms/

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