Containment feeding MLA

Stock Containment Feeding to Boost Business Performance and Resilience

The inclusion of containment feeding in livestock enterprises can lead to improved productivity and reproductive performance, enhanced landscape and pasture management, greater drought resilience and increases in profitability. However, there are few containment feeding systems integrated into farming businesses in Southern Australia.

“It is evident there are barriers to adoption that have not been adequately addressed and we hope to change this with a new cross-drought hub and node project with funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund” said Jessie Wettenhall, SFS.

“This pilot project aims to boost the adoption of containment systems on farms by training and assembling a network of containment adoption advisors, connected to farming systems groups working directly with livestock producers” said Jessie.

In December 2023 SFS Research and Extension Officers Jessie Wettenhall and Grace Evans received training, collaborating with farming systems groups in South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. With their new knowledge, two successful workshops were held in Inverleigh and Dunkeld at the end of March with 17 producers attending.

The next phase of the pilot project is to provide 1:1 advice and support to the 17 producers involved, in whatever phase of the containment feeding journey they are on. It is hoped the pilot program will be renewed for future years as we build our containment feeding resources and network to support producers in Southern Australia.

By Jessie Wettenhall, SFS Research & Extension Officer

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