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Southern Farming Systems successful in receiving GRDC Infrastructure Investment

Southern Farming Systems has received an infrastructure investment grant for Victoria and Tasmania from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC). These grants are investing in grains research, development and extension (RD&E) in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. 

The grants are part of a $20 million investment program to build Australia’s long-term grains research capacity and support the enduring profitability of the nation’s grain growers. 

GRDC Board chair and grain grower John Woods says that the program reflected GRDC’s priority of putting growers’ money towards investments that will make a genuine difference. 

“Our investments must make an impact, and building Australia’s research capacity is critical for the future of the grains industry for generations to come,” Mr Woods says. 

Southern Farming Systems has purchased another Zürn Harvester, awaiting delivery to Tasmania. At Inverleigh the investment included renovations/construction of the laboratory and grains testing facility over the next few months; SFS has also been able to purchase new grain testing equipment, which was utilised this harvest increasing our efficiency to process the trial harvest. 

The equipment purchased: 

  • FOSS Infratec™ –  Which uses NIR technology to sample cereals, oilseeds and pulses for moisture, protein and oil content.  
  • Kimseed Vacuum Separator – This is used for cleaning grain samples, mainly canola, and is capable of cleaning large samples.  
  • Contador Seed Counter –  Counts seeds from 0.3mm to 15mm. This has sped up the process of calculating 1000 grain weights as it used to be done by hand! 
  • Kimseed Thresher –   Thrashers cereals, canola and pulses. We have used it recently to process the GRDC Crop Sequencing project harvest index cuts.  
  • Graintec Agtator – Used for shaking wheat and barley samples to get the retention and screenings values with all the pans and different grain sieves for this.  
  • Graintec Test Weight Kit – Assists in calculating the test weight.  

“This investment by GRDC has enabled SFS to continue providing high rainfall zone growers with state of the art research and grains testing data that is both relevant and reliable” said Bret Ryan, SFS CEO. 

FOSS Infratec


Vacuum separatorContador seed counterGraintec agtator

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