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SFS Results Morning Wrap up

Last week SFS results morning was held at the Willaura Hall where SFS staff presented their findings from the 2022 seasons trials to over 70 farmers and industry experts. It was rewarding for the team to be able to showcase all their hard work from a tricky season last year and create constructive discussions around what these results mean going forward.

Members of the SFS team gave presentations on waterlogging, nitrogen management as well as the exciting new trials going on at the pastures trial site at Rokewood. More information on these topics can be found in the SFS Results book which is now available. Some key messages that came out of these presentations was that there are tools available to better manage nutrition of our crops, however, we still have more to learn before we know the full story.

We were also lucky to have some guest speakers full of great experience and an insight into what we can expect in the coming season. Some key topics were discussed, such as a broad forecast for the commodity markets, recap of the challenges faced in 2022 and what we should be doing to prepare for the upcoming season. Prominent throughout these discussions was the importance of not overreacting to what we saw last year and being prepared for this year by doing things like soil testing and planning what inputs will be needed ahead of time.

These messages are also something we are considering as the SFS team get geared up for sowing. With our first trial already in the ground there is still lots of planning to be done. Feedback from discussions like those at the results day and talks with industry partners are forming the ideas for relevant and exciting trials in the upcoming season.

“We farm for more than one year! 2022 was extreme, but don’t make major changes to your system if it has been fine in the past learn and be aware of the trigger points!” SFS member.

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