Faba Bean at Streatham (1)

Pulse Development and Extension Update

In some very exciting news, I have taken over the Pulse Development & Extension (D&E) Project that is run by Southern Pulse Agronomy with collaboration with GRDC. I have been working on this project the last two years with James Manson as lead. So, I’m very excited to have now have the privilege of being able to continue in James’ legacy and do some fantastic work!

This year we currently have three autumn sown trials::

  1. The variety by time of sowing trial is continuing this year. It is designed to look at the effect of sowing dates and genotypes on growth and development. Excitingly, one variety, AF12025, is already looking like it will begin flowering soon! Last year, AF12025 was also the first one to have flowers open, albeit it was slightly later than this season. The Pulse D&E team will continue to monitor the development of the flowers weekly, which will then move into twice weekly when it gets into late July.
  2. Fungicide x Nutrition in Faba Beans, which is looking at how nutrition and fungicides can help the plant to combat disease once infection has occurred. This trial will be closely monitoring throughout August until an infection event occurs and then the treatments will begin!
  3. Fungicide x Timings in Faba Beans. This trial is designed to explore whether reducing end of season inputs or reducing early season inputs help control disease. Again, this trial will be closely monitored throughout August for disease.

The potential Spring trials will be:

  1.  Spring sown chickpeas – after two successful years of growing them and getting some interesting gross margins from the spring sown trials in 2021, we have decided to replicate them in another season. I think there is a lot of room for chickpeas in the Western Districts (certainly in the spring) and I’m keen to keep further exploring their fit in the system.
  2. Desiccation trial on faba beans. There has been some more interest in desiccation of beans, particularly wind rowing. So, I’m curious to see what we can look at in the trial. This of course is still in its planning phase and we’re still considering other options as well!

I’m super excited to be leading this project please don’t hesitate to give me a ring 0428 871 900, text or email gduff@sfs.org.au to voice your thoughts or opinions on what you would like SFS to explore in the pulse space,  I always love getting feedback and it enables us to better tailor our projects and trials.

Photo: Faba Beans at Streatham.  Credit: G Duff SFS

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