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Opportunity to have your farm business analysed to help build drought resilience

Ever wondered what impacts climate change may have on your farming business? What will it do to your crop yields, pasture growth and farm profit?  Are you prepared to make changes to your business in response to climate change? Well, now is the time to get ahead and take charge of your farm’s profits!  

Southern Farming Systems have received funding from the Australian Government’s ‘Future Drought Fund’ to analyse 32 cropping and livestock farms in Southwest Victoria so we can understand the likely impacts of climate change predictions across a range of farming operations.

The core of the project is to develop a profit risk profile for each participating farm business, showing the current range in profits, and the probability of these profits occurring. Farms will be analysed individually, and we welcome cropping, livestock, and mixed farm participation for a small cost of $550 per farm.  To have your farm business analysed contact Tahlia, SFS, all information is confidential and deidentified when grouped for the overall project analysis.

Once all thirty-two-farm analysis’s have been completed, the data collected will populate a computer model so we can test the likely effects of climate changes and how they may financially impact your farming business. There will also be opportunities for participants to join discussion groups to look at the possible climate solutions for your farming business.

To explore this opportunity or for more information contact Tahlia Ferguson at SFS to register your interest
E: tferguson@sfs.org.au or M: 0418 462 967 during business hours or https://sfs.org.au/project/building-drought-resilience

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