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My Farm Dashboard – informing farm decisions

Farm business decisions are becoming increasingly complicated as our farming systems intensify and diversify.  Farms collect and use lots of data to inform many decisions and that’s why to build farm resilience Southern Farming Systems and a collaboration of partners listened to farmers and created the My Farm Dashboard.

“The project is really the first of its kind to help farmers make more informed and time critical decisions that lead to better outcomes.  By bringing together a consortium of agricultural industry, educational and government partners the project has amalgamated tools and data on key factors climate, commodities, and production in a single online portal.  It will provide farmers with the ‘right information at the right time’, thus avoiding unnecessary information overload” said Bret Ryan, SFS Business Services Manager.

My Farm Dashboard incorporates an extensive list of tools developed within the Smart Farm project including:

  • a state-of-the-art satellite pasture estimation model calibrated and verified using hundreds of pasture cuts from twenty-two locations;
  • a Lime Assist calculator that combines in one user-friendly model technical information on lime quality from twenty-four lime producers/quarries, soil physical and chemical information, crop rotations and crop economics. To help producers make optimal liming decisions;
  • a shared data network providing localised climate data from soil moisture probes and weather monitoring stations located at over 100 sites across the SHRZ;
  • climate information making rainfall predictions from the BoM ACCESS three-month climate model that have been processed by the CSIRO into a daily feed; and
  • commodity price information enabling farmers and advisors to examine historic weekly prices for major commodities.

Over 8500 farmers have participated in the Australian Governments National Landcare Program Smart Farming Partnerships Project called Building the resilience and profitability of cropping and grazing farmers in the High Rainfall Zone of Southern Australia

Join us at Sheepvention in the Napier Room on Monday 9.30am or 3.00pm or Tuesday 9.30am for a presentation from Cam Nicholson who will run through how to access the dashboard and use it to make informed farming decisions.  My Farm Dashboard is FREE for all to use and if you miss the sessions, please visit Southern Farming Systems exhibitor site in the Innovations HUB to chat to staff about My Farm Dashboard.

This project is delivered by Southern Farming System through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and GRDC.

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