Lime Assist

Lime Assist Calculator

LimeAssist is our new lime calculator tool developed through funding from Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the GRDC.  The calculator is based off an excel version developed by Kerry Stott, economist at Agriculture Victoria and converted into an online version by Centre for Excellence in Research Digital Innovation (CeRDI) team at Federation University.

The calculator is still going through some testing and some additional items are to be added, but for members who are keen to give it a test run, it is currently available at
Please send back any suggestions for improvements as we are keen to make it accurate, easy to use and informative to  Once the testing phase is complete and other features it will be accessible on the SFS website.

Features of LimeAssist are:

  • Calculation of lime rates using soil pH buffering capacity estimated from organic carbon and clay percentage (or soil texture) and target pH and current pH.
  • Ability to select participating lime quarries who have made information available such as: Neutralising value (NV), moisture content, contact details to secure current pricing. This allows calculation of freight cost and the rate of lime required to achieve target pH.
  • Graph to show the expected changes in pH from your liming and if you do nothing. This helps show when you break even and when re-liming is likely based on when the lime is used up.
  • Calculation of Return on investment
  • Information buttons provides explanations of different features and calculations.
  • You can save the paddock information or print out the results.
  • Responses are from the high rainfall cropping area.

Features still being developed is the ability to calculate the economics from pasture.
Have a play and check it out!

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