Harvesting with the Zurn 150

How quickly it comes around, that stressful yet fun time of year has now started across south-west Victoria, no, not Christmas, but harvest!

Like many growers, new machinery is always exciting. This harvest, SFS is finally able to show off our new prized possession, the Zürn 150. The Zürn is our new plot harvester shipped from Germany, and any of those who attended AgriFocus III in person may have already seen the new gear parked at the entrance. For those who haven’t yet seen the Zürn’s new capabilities, here is a link to view videos of the new machine (http://www.zurnuk.co.uk/product/150/).

The Zürn is a complete upgrade from the Kingaroy Harvester. The Zürn is a 4-cylinder Yanmar/John Deere diesel engine putting out 68 hp (this equates to a 450hp header with 12m front). The header has been built to fit our research operation with a 1.8m front and conveyer belt feeding to a concave thresher.

We have fitted out the harvester with Harvestmaster software and a label printer to print sample identification stickers on this go, increasing efficiency of our harvest operations. The Harvestmaster gives a range of real time data such as test weight, moisture, and yield in t/ha. This software also allows us to enter additional data on the go, for example, lodging or weed scores, comments from the harvest team and is added to the yield data document and exported to excel directly, reducing our manual data inputs and also increasing efficiency.

We are very excited to test out our new machine across all crop types, with some canola harvest already underway. So, from everyone here at SFS, we would like to wish growers all the best for the next few months, hopefully it runs as smooth as possible.

Happy Harvesting!

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