Paddock visit during the season

GRDC Hyper Yielding Crops Grower Meetings Back for 2022

The GRDC Hyper Yielding Crops (HYC) grower meetings have resumed this week following a break over summer while everyone was busy with harvest. The first meeting for the year is a chance for participating growers to have a debrief on the 2021 season and discuss with other members from their region their findings – what worked, what didn’t, did they try something new and how did it go. It is a great opportunity for everyone to learn from each other.

The meeting also covers results from the Focus paddock trials from the 2021 season. These are paddock scale trials that are conducted on the group members farms and are based around topics of their interest and conversations and ideas that have come up on paddock visits and meetings during the year. The trials are designed with help from the SFS project officer and the project extension lead, Jon Midwood. SFS staff will undertake assessments throughout the season and collect yield and grain quality data at harvest to be analysed. Some of the trials in 2021 included topics on nitrogen rates and timings, PGR applications, variety comparisons and sowing rates.

The final part to the meeting will be a discussion around the upcoming season and areas of interest for possible trials, with a focus around anything that may need to happen at the sowing timing, such as variety or sowing rate trials. We will also cover what the group hopes to get out of being involved for the 2022 season and the main areas of interest they would like to explore. A big focus of these groups is for the ideas and discussions to be led by the growers themselves, so they can get as much relevant and valuable information as possible, with facilitation from project staff where needed.

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