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Grain for Hope – Grain Donations for Regional Cancer Research

Grain for hope logoA collaboration between CHS Broadbent and the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute (FECRI) will provide grain farmers with a new platform to easily support cancer research this harvest.

The Grain for Hope campaign will kick off this December with the goal to raise funds for FECRI via the donation of grain during and post-harvest.

CHS Broadbent Managing Director, Steve Broadbent said the company and our staff are proud and excited to get behind such a great cause.

“Cancer has touched everyone in our community in some way, whether it’s a family member, a close friend, a client or all of the above, so we’re really happy to have this opportunity with Fiona Elsey Institute to help raise funds and help grow a cancer free future”, Mr Broadbent said.

“CHS Broadbent will be kicking off the fundraising with a 100MT grain donation. We’ll then be providing the platform and assistance to farmers to jump on board with the fundraising by donating a tonne or two, or more if they can, over the harvest period and into next year.”

“Growers can donate at the weighbridge at our Lakaput, Lake Bolac and Ballarat sites by talking with the staff and letting them know how many tonnes they’d like to donate, or via the CHS Broadbent grower portal once they’re ready to start marketing their grain”, Mr Broadbent said.

As Australia’s only regionally based cancer research centre, the Ballarat based Institute is community funded relying on fundraising and donations to continue research into more effective ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

Like many organisations, fundraising during the pandemic has been difficult.

Professor George Kannourakis, Institute Director at FECRI, said “Our research is focused on the immune system and cancer. It is hoped that by identifying proteins on the surface of cancer cells, druggable targets can be developed to allow the immune system to attack the cancer, without chemotherapy and radiation.”

“We as an organisation plan and rely heavily on a number of fundraising events throughout the year as well as the generous support of the community. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put a stop to many of those events greatly reducing research funds over the past 18 months.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with the CHS Broadbent team to provide another platform for the local community to get involved with the Institute and raise much needed funds.” Professor Kannourakis said.

The Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute is a world class cancer research facility based in Ballarat, Victoria. The Institute currently has 8 PhD students from Federation University and 13 senior scientific staff focusing on the role of the immune system and cancer. Current projects include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, renal cancer, bowel cancer, Immunology, leukemia, and histiocytic disorders.

For more information on Grain for Hope and how you can help support a cancer free future, visit


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