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Check out our latest Farm Focus Video!

Farm Focus-Livestock Containment Video has just been released on the SFS You Tube channel! Check it out 

This is the latest video in the Farm Focus series.  Livestock Containment Areas are often associated with drought, but they are useful in any season. Hear from Mark Williams, mixed farmer in the South West of Victoria, discussing his livestock containment area and its’ uses, design and functionality in his farm system.

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This project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Or checkout our Drainage series with Greta Duff, SFS  that focus’s on drainage strategies farmers have implemented in South west Victoria range from subsoil amelioration, subsurface drains, raised beds, spoon drains and strategic laser levelling of paddocks.  Hear from real farmers and how they took their farming system struggle from where do I start? To building/designing machinery, finding a contractor, to in paddock works and what results are they are seeing following the works.

Episode 1 starts the drainage journey with Todd Venning near Hamilton in South West Victoria. Todd and his family have embarked on a major investment into their soils by researching, trialling, designing, building a subsoil amelioration machine to ameliorate their soils and then complementing this with subsurface drainage system. Watch now

Episode 2 explores raised beds and spoon drains with Lachie Morrison near Inverleigh South West Victoria.  Lachie shares his journey from mapping, designing to implementation and the results.  His experiences and tips of if I had known this before I started, it would have taken the stress out of it moments are invaluable for anyone venturing down this path.  Watch now

Episode 3 finishes with contractor Andrew Caldow and farmer Ed Weatherly sharing the processes of drainage using laser levelling bucket.  Andrew discusses the process of mapping, designing to implementation of drainage and what he has learnt as a contractor.  Ed provides the farmer’s perspective his learnings and the farm production results. Watch now

If you are considering drainage this series is not to be missed start watching Farm Focus today

The drainage video series produced by Southern Farming Systems for the Strategies for waterlogged crops in the High Rainfall Zone of the Southern Region project supported by Grains Research & Development Corporation.

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