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Boosting Nitrogen know how

The first workshop for the Grains Reasearch and Development Corporation (GRDC) Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) project is on the 19th of June at Mininera. This series of workshops has been created after the feedback from growers at the GRDC 2022 National Growers Network meeting in Tatyoon, where it was expressed to GRDC the need to focus on nitrogen use efficiency and getting the best bang for your buck. Part of the project is a series of workshops run over the course of the next two years and some grower led trials, all designed to give growers the tools and knowledge to make more informed Nitrogen decisions in their farming system.

“The first workshop will explore the economics around Nitrogen fertilisers with insight’s into the fertiliser markets, understanding nitrogen sources and the overall economics” said Greta Duff, SFS.  An outlook on what we can expect in 2024 for fertilisers and the interaction of the global fertiliser markets will provide by Rabobank.

Followed by James Hagan, an economist from the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries presenting strategies on making nitrogen decisions in high-cost environments. “He will discuss what can be done when it comes to buying nitrogen when prices are high and the economics behind making these decisions, including value returns” said Ms Duff.

Nitrogen comes in many forms Craig Drum from Dargo will chat to growers about nitrogen sources, including what times of nitrogen is available and in what form, when to start and stop applying nitrogen. “Craig will provide details from a local perspective” said Ms Duff.

Ms Duff encourages growers to get involved with the 2024 NUE trials and be part of the discussion around grower led paddock trial opportunities for 2024.

For more information, please contact: Greta Duff, SFS E: gduff@sfs.org.au M: 0428 871 900 or register for the workshop at www.sfs.org.au/events

Look forward to seeing you there.

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