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Benefits of good stock handling practices

A recent workshop focusing on stock handling, provided local livestock producers with some new techniques and tips to improve their stockmanship. Attendees spent the day in the yards at a Birregurra property for an interactive workshop presented by Byron O’keefe and organised by Dr. Hannah Manning from Agriculture Victoria. Byron discussed key livestock handling challenges and how good stock handling practices could benefit productivity.

A key message from the workshop was that calm livestock leads to more productivity and better efficiency of stock movement and that this achievable by understanding the environment and having a good awareness of what is going on around you.

The workshop was catered to producers of a wide range of experience and skill level with attendees gaining key tips in areas such as yard design, positioning in yards and point of balance techniques. Another key point of emphasis was around safety of not only yourself but also the other people working with you and the livestock themselves. The importance of communication and planning was highlighted when discussing safely navigating livestock handling issues.

The workshop was part of the farm business resilience program which aims to provide farmers with new tools and information to better manage their farm business.  It was the first in a series of four workshops in Beef Farm Business Success Workshop series in the Colac area.

By James Palmer, SFS Research & Extension Officer

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